Meeting Calendar


Winter (Wednesdays 1:30)

03-Jan: Check-in

10-Jan: Ben Gibson

17-Jan: Adolescent tool - Emily and Steve

24-Jan: SHAMP - Jeanette and Martina (DR gone)

31-Jan: (JKB gone)

07-Feb: Hutch modeling talk (MM gone)

14-Feb: Lifecycle model - Deven (MM gone)

21-Feb: SHAMP II - Deven and Martina

28-Feb: Trade networks - Bernd (DR may be gone)

07-Mar: (DR likely to be gone)

14-Mar: (DR pretty darn likely to be gone)


Fall (Wednesdays 1:30)

11-Oct: catch up and scheduling

18-Oct: (Darcy maybe gone) CAMP: methods & life cycle (Deven)

25-Oct: Bernd's research (Bernd)

1-Nov: (Steve & Deven & Bernd gone) Emily re class project initial ideas (Emily)

8-Nov: (Bernd gone) Model parameter estimation (Darcy)

15-Nov: Gitbook et al. (Jeanette)

22-Nov: Thanksgiving eve

29-Nov: (Steve & Martina gone)

6-Dec: Show off CDC tool & Emily's model (Steve & Emily)


20-Dec: Holiday break

Spring (Tuesdays 10:30)

28-Mar: Catch up and scheduling

4-Apr: Pavel on ergm API enhancements

11-Apr: (SMG gone) Discussion of data/methods for estimating duration (mm leads)

18-Apr: ergm.ego for SHAMP, Janette and Martina

25-Apr: TERGM lite (with guest appearance by Sam Jenness!!)

2-May: (Deven gone)

9-May: SHAMP internal validation, Deven and Katherine

16-May: Emily update on CDC project (CAMP adolescent)

23-May: Deven CAMP adolescent project

30-May: Pavel ergm.ego enhancements and utilities

6-June: Li on dissertation

Winter (Tuesdays 10:30)

10-Jan: Estimating mean and distribution of partnership lengths (JKB and SMG)

17-Jan: CROI shell JKB (Undiagnosed)

24-Jan: (MM JKB gone) hyak tutorial from the HPCC club

31-Jan: (MM SMG gone) Sarah role & HIV evolution

7-Feb: (MM gone) CROI posters

14-Feb: (CROI) (SMG, Deven, JKB? gone)

21-Feb: Darcy modeling

28-Feb: Horacio Duarte

7-Mar: (SMG and Deven gone)

14-Mar: (SMG maybe gone) SHAMP update


Fall (Wednesdays 3:00)

26-Oct: Li on temporal dependence

2-Nov: Darcy on routine testing (SMG) gone

9-Nov: Sarah Evonet

16-Nov: Matt Salganik talk Johnson Hall 075 Social Research in the Age of Big Data

23-Nov: Thanksgiving

30-Nov: Jeanette Undx

7-Dec: CAMP

14-Dec: SHAMP


Spring (Wednesdays 10:30)

Mar 30 : Organizational meeting

Apr 6 : (no meeting, gone for Sunbelt)

Apr 13 : Classroom data discussion (Valeria and Dan). Devon not here.

Apr 20 : Li on temporal and multilevel networks

Apr 27 : Darcy's practice talk

May 4 :

May 11 :

May 18 :

May 25 : Devon (2nd wave of data from PPP)

June 1 (Exam week) : Li on missing data

June 8 : Sarah


Jan 8 : No meeting -- Software Carpentry workshop

Jan 15 : Emily P: Modeling papers

Jan 22 : Li: directed GWESP terms and rest of ML ergm

Jan 29 : Martina and Kirk: Outline for revamped social networks class (Stat 567)

Feb 5 : (mm gone)

Feb 12 : (mm gone) Neil: Visualization study

Feb 19 : (mm gone) Sarah: EvoNet

Feb 26 :Martina and Kirk: ERGM estimation for missing data (prep for class)

Mar 4 : (mm gone) Miruna: Sunbelt presentation

Mar 11 : (mm gone) Deven: organizational networks

Mar 18 : (EXAM WEEK) Jeanette and Martina: Estimating the prevalence of undiagnosed HIV -- CDC vs. Testing History approach



Oct 19 : Projects metamap

Oct 26 : Deven: differences in ATL vs SEA care cascade and demog parameters and outcomes

Nov 2 : Emily: discussion of specification outline for new STERGM shiny app

Nov 9 : Steve: Mardham update

Nov 16 : Sam: tergm lite

Nov 23 : Emily: CSP draft presentation

Nov 30 : Deven: initial results on network analysis for the PPP program

Dec 7 :

Dec 16: 10:30 : Dan: Chapter 1 of diss

Dec 21 : Li: dissertation proposal draft


March 31th : Discussion on research data/hypothesis-Valeria

April 7th : StatnetWeb Sunbelt workshop-Emily

April 14th : Deven will discuss WHAMP data

April 21st : Angie - data cleaning

April 28th : Sam will give CAMP counseling session

May 5th : Deven will give Sunbelt talk

May 12th : Dan will present on data from student networks

May 19th : Practise final - Kirk

May 26th : Sunbelt presentation - Li

June 2nd : StatnetWeb Sunbelt workshop-Emily

June 9th : Sam will talk about age mixing

June 16th : ergm-ego Sunbelt workshop-Martina


Jan 6th : Catch up

Jan 13th : Emily: Sunbelt preparation

Jan 20th : Martina: ergm-ego

Jan 27th : Steve: follow-up on PHSKC development

Feb 3rd : Jeanette Birnbaum: material from the HIV undiagnosed fraction estimation project.

Feb 10th : Sam: discussion on super computer HYAK, see

Feb 17th : Optimization in EpiModel and STERGM

Feb 24th : Li: literature review for general exam

March 3rd: Sam: Chapter 2 and 3 of the dissertation

March 10th : Steve & James: evo-net

March 17th : Kirk: updates on dissertation



Oct 8th : Neil will present "Learning from Network Visualization".

Oct 15th : Emily will be presenting the ergm shiny app, in prep for a beta release intended primarily to solicit comments/input from the statnet help_list group.

Oct 22th : Short check-in (since a few of us will be absent).

Oct 29th : TBD

Nov 5th : Kirk will update works on "Co-evolution TERMG".

Nov 12th : Martina will present "ERGM with ego-centric sampling".

Nov 19th : Ebola discussion: Ebola wikipage

Nov 26th : Thanks-giving

Dec 3rd : Sam will update works on "CMC/CIRC model (second half of his dissertation)".

Dec 10rd : Deven will update works on "Concurrency".

Dec 17rd : Steve will update works on "EvoNet".


June 5th Starts at 2pm :

2:00pm to 3:00pm

Sam EpiModel version 1.0 demonstration

3:00pm to 4:00pm


Title: Does research evidence inform policy choice in low-income countries? Exponential random graph models to determine the role of evidence exchange and use in policy networks

May 29th : Journal club: Snijders paper Statistical Models for Social Networks Kirk's slides

May 22nd : Deven - Preliminary results from the Know Your Network Intervention Study.

May 15th : Sarah & Steve - Add Health directed networks

May 8th : Sam - Journal club O'Hagan JJ, Lipsitch M, Hernan MA. Estimating the per-exposure effect of infectious disease interventions. Epidemiology. Jan 2014;25(1):134-138.

May 1st : Li - multi-level models

April 24th : Dave Swan - Programming pair formation models for EpiModel

April 17th : Group check-in

April 10th : Sam - coital dilution in Agbogbloshie, Ghana (disseration Aim 1b)

April 3rd : Social network dependence and TERGM with behavior co-evolution

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