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Concurrency and Reachability:
transmission in a dynamic network

preview image for Concurrency and Reacability movie
This five minute movie is a dynamic representation of an infection spreading through a transmission network over time. The data come from the National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health. The animation uses a new method of network analysis to demonstrate that small differences in reported behavior can potentially explain the large racial disparities in HIV infection observed in the United States.

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Animated gif clip of Concurrency movie The research for this animation was done by the Network Modeling Group using statnet.

See: Morris M., Kurth A., Hamilton D.T., Moody J., and Wakefield S., for The Network Modeling Group (2009) "Concurrent Partnerships and HIV Prevalence Disparities by Race: Linking Science and Public Health Practice" American Journal of Public Health 1023-1031, Vol 99, No. 6

The Network Modeling Group also includes Mark S. Handcock, David Hunter, Carter Butts, Steven M. Goodreau. The animation was produced by Skye Bender-deMoll

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